An Interview With Mia McGregor

An Interview With Mia McGregor

We recently interviewed Mia McGregor following on from the Animating Our Streets / The Cube event held here in Stirling City.

How did you come up with the idea of Animating our Streets, The Cube?

It was a collaborative idea from Jon Walton, Janie Meikle Bland, Nadia Schneider, Lauren Gunning and myself. We wanted to create a non profit art platform.

The cube is used to bring people together and to help drive emotional or personal feelings, but most of all have fun.

Where did the name come from?

The Cube was formed from the item. It’s a cube with 6 sides, to be used to express the individuals expressed feelings and emotions through art work, colours, words, doodles and graphics.

How did you feel the event ran?

Amazing! It was Stirling's first street art event. We had a short period to fit a lot of organising and planning in, but it was a great success. There is talk of The Cube being an annual event.

How engaging where the businesses who supported the event?

We had support from the following businesses during the event: 

  • Kilted kangaroo
  • Stirling arcade
  • Thistle centre
  • Europa music
  • Stable and flea

They were amazing and very involved in promoting the event.

What will be the legacy of this project?

We are working to create a mural that will be hung in Stirling Arcade, showcasing the original artworks from the cubes on the day. Date and launch of the reveal is still to be announced.

What would you, Mia, like to do in Stirling?

My aim is to creat an annual Cube event. I would like to get more involved in street art throughout Stirling City.

What’s next based upon your knowledge so far?

I have a youth festival on the 9th November, each youth club will have its own collection of cubes to create. I would like to say that we have started a community event, that I hope will grow and develop to help bring people closer.

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I have a book for sale called The Cube and it is available from ‘Made in Stirling’ in the Thistles Centre.

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